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We are Russian Fur Trading Company specializing in exporting fur raw products. Currently we are looking for manufacturers who are interested in the fur raw material: wolf, fox, arctic fox, silver fox, otter, mink, lynx, raccoon, marten, nutria, beaver (natural, short-haired, pressed), rabbit, muskrat. We can offer you any quantity and high quality products.

  • All furs are current season.
  • Chemical process - excellent (made in St. Petersburg’s manufactory),
  • Defects are absent
  • Our store contain more than 100 pieces different sizes, different colors.
  • Also we can sell fur raw material fresh dry processing.
  • We want to sell our products wholesale to tailoring shop.

Our store contains next kinds of skins: wolf, fox, otter, mink, raccoon, marten, nutria, beaver (natural, short-haired, pressed), rabbit, muskrat.

Also we suggest beaver castoreum, natural pure wild flower bee honey.

It’s better for us to supply dried furs only without chemical processing because we make chemical processing in St. Petersburg so we waste much time.

We'll happy to invite you to our store to show all our production. We'll meet you and show our store. During your visit you can choose and buy products and we can discuss future cooperation. We can send to you samples of each one of our furs after your 100% payment.